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Retailers that work with Gander can reduce their annual food waste by up to 50% with no additional activity - it's completely automatic!. Ready to start saving money and the planet?

How does Gander work for retailers?

Why Gander?

Gander is a world first mobile platform. It digitises available reduced to clear products and puts this into the customers hands – growing footfall, sales and reducing waste.

Grow Sales

Sell up to 50% more of products otherwise lost to waste and markdowns. ROI 2,000%*

Increase Footfall

Up to 100x more views of a retailers reduced to clear products

Avoid Food Waste

Reduce avoidable food waste significantly and in the most sustainable way possible**

*based on averages **Most sustainable way is prevention of surplus (source – Wrap Food Waste Material Hierarchy)

What else does Gander offer?

Gander solutions